Stacking Your Bands | Hearts On Fire
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Stacking Your Bands

Whether you’re stacking right hand rings or wedding bands, combine rings in mixed metals and styles for a unique look that evolves as you do.

A band stack is the perfect way to express your personal style or mark your milestones. Below, our tips for styling a stack that speaks to you. 


Mark Milestones

Anytime is a good time for diamond bands. Whether you’re buying a band to celebrate your latest job promotion or personal accomplishment, or commemorating a wedding anniversary or the birth of a child, add to your stack over time. It will serve as a beautiful reminder of all your favorite moments. 


Mix Metals

Go ahead and mix it up—there are no rules when it comes to a band stack. Mix as many metal types as you want and switch them out as your mood dictates. Our tips: Rose gold stands out in a stack, providing a cool contrast to white gold or platinum. Or, add a pop of yellow gold for a warm, classic look that never goes out of style. 


Mix Different Styles

Combine metal-intensive rings with all-diamond and combinations of both for a versatile look that’s equal parts sparkle and style.